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Are you looking to sell or lease your hangar at the Orlando Apopka Airport? We can help you with a marketing plan that will get the job done.


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Orlando Apopka Airport • X04 • UNICOM: 123.05 Runway: 15/33 • 3987X60 Feet • Field Elevation 142 Feet

Orlando Apopka Airport

ORLANDO APCH APPROACH: 119.4 351.9 ORLANDO APCH DEPARTURE: 119.4 351.9 COSTR STAR: 128.375 338.2 UNICOM: 123.050 GOOFY STAR: 124.8 128.375 338.2 CTAF: 123.050 ASOS at LEE (13.8 NW): 134.325 Phone 352-787-1565 ATIS at ORL (16.3 SE): 127.25 ATIS at SFB (18.7 E): 125.975

Orlando Apopka Airport Services

Fuel: 100LL (blue), Jet-A Transient Storage: Hangars Airframe Repair: MAJOR Engine Repair: MAJOR Bottled Oxygen: NONE Bulk Oxygen:NONE PILOT INSTRUCTION AIRCRAFT RENTAL AIRCRAFT SALES HANGAR SALES

Orlando Apopka Airport Operations

Airport Use: Open to the public Status: Operational Control Tower: No Seg-Circle: No Beacon: Clear-Green (Lighted Land Airport) Wind Indicator: Yes, Lighted


When it comes to buying and selling real estate in Central Florida and the Space Coast, it’s important to have a skilled Florida real estate agent by your side to assist you through these complex processes. We and have become a tight unit of professionals, that are aimed at bringing success to our clients!

We proudly serve Brevard, Orange, Seminole and Volusia Counties.

PRIMESOURCE REAL ESTATE is the solution, we have gained a well–deserved reputation as a top Real Estate company. We sell at the Orlando Apopka Airport when others cant. We couldn’t have done this without our professional and well–trained staff. 

PRIMESOURCE REAL ESTATE  is a full service Real Estate Brokerage, we are including a full array of Orlando Apopka Airport videos and high quality professional photography available FREE for every hangar we list at the Orlando Apopka Airport

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We’re the real estate company with tons of experience selling aircraft hangars at the Orlando Apopka Airport and our expert team, that is committed to giving you the best results at a record time!

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Our team consists of efficient thoughtful, airport hangar specialists and skilled hangar consultants that are experts in strategic planning.

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